Stranger - a Vietnam-UK devised theatre collaboration.

Design note: The piece was improvised - including the set, which was designed to be reconfigured by the performers, and the video, which was was improvised by the designer using footage of Eddie Ladd in response to what was happening on stage.

Performers: Phan Y Ly, Ho Ngoc Bao Khiem

Video performer: Eddie Ladd

Co-Directors: Rob Hale, Phan Y Ly

Scenographer: Paul Burgess

Sound contributions from: Nguyen Manh Cuong, Paul Swarbrick, Josh Grey Jung and Sam Barnes

Poster designer: Hoang Hiep

Production Manager (London): Mark Dawson

Stage Manager (Cardiff): Edward Soulsby

Dance choreography: Danielle Plowman

Physical Theatre workshop: Allel Nedjari

A co-production of Same Stuff Theatre (Vietnam), Aorta Theatre Collective (UK)

Production photographs by: Petr Reh

Set Built by: Daniel Cheyne

Devised by the company

Developed at The Black Box Theatre, Hanoi, then further developed and shown at World Stage Design 2013 in Cardiff, and Tara Arts and The Albany, London.

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