Selfish, a company-devised performance in a video installation created initially for the Arches, Glasgow, then remade for Camden People's Theatre London.  The photos show the latter.

London: Devised by the company. Designed and directed by Paul Burgess and lit by Katharine Williams. Cast: Paul Devaney, Susan Worsfold, Graeme Mackay. Production assistant: Patrick Wade.

Glasgow: Devised by the company. Designed and directed by Paul Burgess. Cast: Susan Worsfold, Onur Orkut and Graeme Mackay. Design assistant: Geraldine Greene.

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As much an installation as a theatre show, it’s a meditation on how ideas of the self are pieced together in a society where many of the social definitions of identity are fragmenting... a huge emotional momentum, as the detached image of a face wanders a little then fades, screens are packed away, and the shimmering light that sustained this world of perceptions fades to common day. ...a serious, true and compassionate feeling for the human condition in the image-driven age of Big Brother; and a deep musicality about the expression of that feeling that finally becomes irresistible. - Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

The full review can be seen here.

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