We did A Place at the Table again - probably for the last time unless any venue not only wants it but can also pay for it. It was a great end to the show though - a week's run at Amnesty International UK and the cast on amazing form.

Katharine has left Daedalus, which is quite a loss as she'd made a huge difference in steering the company from something very causal into a formally set-up organisation, with a strong ethical code. She's keen for us to continue the project she was leading, which is on nonviolence and the post-conflict Balkan region, so we're looking at the best way to proceed with that, as well as planning a community project on our home turf - East London.

Current projects I'm involved with as a designer include a new piece with Touched Theatre called Blue. In the work-in-progress showing at Brighton's Nightingale Theatre I somehow found myself on stage operating video and playing the violin. Sometime both at once, or as near as I could manage. Anyway, it's a lovely project and I have high hopes for the finished piece. As they say, watch this space...

I'm also involved with a new pressure group to promote fair pay and working conditions for people in the arts. See here for the Facebook group. Again, more news to follow.