It's a year and a half since I went to Hanoi. Longer since Rob was first invited by Ly and Khiem to work with them on a new project. We've had numerous change of plan.

Since then we've had visa delays, flights changed at the last minute, urgent letters to the ambassador, funding let-downs...  We been caught in the gap left by the Arts Council's lack of joined up thinking: if a major international festival takes place in Wales and you're an English artists invited to particpate there is no major state funding body that will consider you. You're ineligible for either the British Council or Arts Council England or Arts Council Wales. Ridiculous.

Anyway, our stubbornness, with the help of friends colleagues and some very kind partner organisations, has prevailed! The flights are booked, Rich Mix Has offered us rehearsal space, WSD2013 is providing further rehearsal space and accommodation, we have some funding from the Danish Embassy in Hanoi and lots of kind donations from friends... and unless something very unexpected happens we will be showing Stranger at World Stage Design 2013. We have two performances on the last day: 14 September. The following week we'll show it in London, at Tara Arts and the Albany.

Have a look at the links below for booking and other info.

If you don't know about World Stage Design 2013, you should. It's really exciting festival – alongside the Prague Quadrennial, it's one of the world's two major theatre design festivals – and it won't be back in the UK for a long time. So come along if you can!