A Place at the Table
- extracts from reviews and audience comments

A Place at the Table is simply amazing and a touch overwhelming. This is a strong, thought provoking production that makes the audience part of the performance... It manages to force you to think beyond a monstrous period in history and reflect on current human experiences from Gaza to Brixton and locate the moments of crossover and not see them as isolated occurrences distant from our personal realities. The cast is tight, the production, involving…you will leave having had a life-altering experience.’

Afridiziak Theatre News


‘...director and designer Paul Burgess has created a brilliant visual platform for this narrative via the set. Both the audience and cast are seated around a large conference table, as if at a Security Council meeting. The performers go around, over, under and even into the table, while playing various roles in a series of scenes punctuated by live video projection, song and dance. Occasionally, it’s as messy as the conflict it depicts, but it’s a powerful testament to the act of bearing witness…’

Time Out


‘It’s a fantastically confident show, one that deserves a long life in different locations; and for all the darkness in the story, it leaves you inspired and exhilarated, both by the potential of theatre and the human capacity for hope…’

Jonathan Wakeham, board director of Camden People’s Theatre and Arts Consultant


‘Loved it. Powerful, moving and interesting... Extremely brave subject... Enjoyed being part of the performance/sitting around the table without it being intimidating... I didn’t know what to expect, but it was fab! I felt like I learnt something today... The show should be showed to colleges, universities that study law and politics... Superb - thank you...’

Anonymous audience comments

Images of A Place at the Table


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