A Place at the Table, developed and performed at Camden People's Theatre, London, by Daedalus Theatre Company, then at Southwark Cathedral and Amnesty International.

Devised by the company: Paul Burgess (director/designer), Cécile Feza Bushidi (choreographer) Naomi Grossett (performer), Désiré Katihabwa (campaigner/journalist), Matthew Lee Knowles (composer), Lelo Majozi-Motlogeloa (performer - old  version), Jennifer Muteteli (performer), Anna-Maria Nabirye (performer - old version), Grace Nyandoro (performer), Adelaide Obeng (perofrmer - new version), Katharine Williams (lighting designer), Richard Wilson (campaigner/journalist) and Susan Worsfold (performer - old version and associate artist on new version), along with project associate artists: Alex Ferguson and Tayo Oyeniyi.

- - -

...Director and designer Paul Burgess has created a brilliant visual platform for this sprawling narrative via the set. Both the audience and cast are seated around a large conference table, as if at a Security Council meeting. The actors go around, over, under and even into the table, while playing various roles in a series of loosely-connected scenes punctuated by live video projection, song and dance. ...it's a powerful testament to the act of bearing witness, and A Place at the Table provides a vital dialogue that Burundi’s many dead were denied in life. - Tamara Gausi, Time Out

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