A Midsummer Night's Dream in British Sign Language  (and other languages) by Deafinitely Theatre, at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Photo: Simon Kane


Puck: Alim Jayda
Ace Mahbaz:Theseus/ Oberon
Nadia Nadarajah: Hippolyta/ Titania
Anna-Maria Nabirye: Fairy
Adam Bassett: Lysander
Fifi Garfield: Hermia
Lee Robertson: Demetrius
Charlotte Arrowsmith: Helena
David Sands: Nick Bottom
Ralph Bogard: Peter Quince
Jason Taylor: Francis Flute

Production Team

Paula Garfield: Director
Kate Furby: Creative Interpreter/ Translation Support
Mark Sands: Executive Director
Richard France: Project Manager
Andrew Muir: Literary Associate
Philippa Herrick: Composer/ Musical Director
Victoria Heathcock: Production Manager
Jane Towers: Assistant Stage Manager
Paul Burgess: Set and Costume Designer
Emma Bunn: Costume Supervise
Rosie Giarratana: Stage Manager
Kathy Yeoman: Rehearsal Interpreter
Kam Deo: Rehearsal Interpreter
Karen Houlihan: Rehearsal Interpreter  

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